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Smiling and humor are very powerful medicines. They affect the mind, body and emotions in positive ways. Energetically, frowning shuts down and stagnates Chi flow in the body whereas smiling frees up your Chi flow. Free flowing Chi in the body is one sign of health and well being. By combining smiling with Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Acutouch one creates powerful tools for health and happiness.



When practicing these arts, start out by thinking of something which makes you laugh or smile. Focus that thought or image between your eyes. Then, let that feeling fill your body. Make your smile more internal and less external. Have the corners of your lips upturned. A large gaping smile can also constrict Chi flow in the face. A small Mona Lisa smile is just right for your practice. It is more internal than external. This is an Inner Smile practice.

Go about the practices presented in this web page with this Mona smile and you will have great results.





Chi (or Qi) is the bio-energy which is found in everything. It is most apparent in living things. When it is disrupted or stagnate it causes illness and pain. Its absence is a sign of death. Its flowing abundance and presence brings health and well being.

Chi is quite a lot like electricity. Most people know more about controlling the electricity in their homes, with switches and buttons, than they know about the the bio-energy in their bodies. I will show you gentle and effective ways to adjust your Chi through movement, mind, breath, and acupoints- the energetic buttons and switches of your body.



Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Acutouch:

This site is designed to provide the user with an easy to understand approach to three ancient forms of preventative medicine called Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Acutouch. These healing arts have a balancing and uniting effect on the body, mind and emotions. By connecting the body, mind, and emotions, Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Acutouch also help open doorways to the Spirit.

I invite you to join me in a healthy exploration of the self through timeless arts discovered and passed on by our global ancestors.

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Please note that the information offered here is intended for educational and inspirational purposes only. This is not an attempt to diagnose or prescribe for any health condition. I encourage active collaboration with a trusted healthcare practitioner when seeking to demystify and address physical symptoms. If you have major health problems, always consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.